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Person Centred

Person Centred approach is at the heart of everything that we do at SC Support & Care Services.

Care planning focuses on elements such as:

  • Finding out what is important to the service user and those people who care about him or her, and what outcomes and goals they wish to achieve
  • Understanding how the service user can be supported in having a balance between happy and safe, whilst making the best use of available funding
  • What aspirations the service user has
  • What skills they have retained and would like to build upon
  • How creative care and support can be achieved
  • Supporting choice in key tasks
  • Regaining control
  • Enablement and safe risk taking

Care plans focus on what is important to people in living their everyday lives: their desired routines, who they spend time with and their general pace of life.

We encourage individuals to participate in the planning of their care and support as much as possible and it is important to seek support from carers and relatives as well

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